Tyroconnell Single Malt

Tyroconnell Single Malt 1

And we’re off to the races for 2015.

This past Saturday I had an exam. In Accounting. And it was rough. I had to call my parents afterward to tell them I had a new daddy; that exam.

None the less, some friends and my wife (whom I’m also friends with, but I have to mention separately due to insecurities caused by society), decided to hit the bars.

So starting off the night at the Overdraught Irish Pub, I thought I’d start with some Irish that comes recommended in a few books I received.

The first thing you’ll do while ordering this Single Malt is try to pronounce it. The Tyroconnell Single Malt is a little bit of a head scratcher when it comes to pronunciation. I’m not even going to try and teach anyone, as I’m Canadian and thus, if it isn’t French (or sometimes Spanish), I can’t pronounce…

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