Isle of Jura 16 Diurach’s Own

Isle of Jura 16 Diurach's Own 1

First world problem time! YAY!

So I have a few too many samples I’ve collected over the years. And seeing as how some of them are ones I bought in Scotland the last time I was there, I should probably aim to finish them up before going to Scotland again.

That and my wallet is so full of money that is bulges a little, I’m trying to switch my wife over to HD aerial cable mixed with Youtube and Netflix so we can save money, trying to write a novel, taking Micro and Macro Economics, and generally sad that I need to cut back on sugar.

My life is so rough. Oh how I suffer.

Moving along…

Since my plans changed for the week I was able to sit down last night with one such dram, Isle of Jura 16 Diurach’s Own. This is from the some times maligned…

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