Isle of Jura Prophecy

Isle of Jura Prophecy 1

One okay Jura deserves another. That’s what my ancestor’s used to say… until they were horribly maimed by Islanders who felt losing their land was an affront.

But enough about my checkered ancestry, first up I’d like to thank /u/Devoz[1] from the bottom of my potentially sinned family heart for a sample of this dram. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now.

Isle of Jura Prophecy is a NAS offering from Isle of Jura. Limited to 10,000 bottles per year, this version is made up of various different casks of peated whiskies, and finished off in Oloroso sherry cask. It’s also non-chill filtered, which I’m impressed by.

The name comes from an old legend involving a soothsayer/seer/crackpot who cursed the Campbell family when she was thrown out of Jura back in the 1700s. Her obtuse prediction came true, and thus we have a whisky now.

Let me…

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