Jim Beam Black

Jim Beam Black 1

So we’re kicking off a new plan I have going on. First up, work is starting to increase again, so I’ll be making sure I write these up and get them ready the night before. Irregular posting commence!

More importantly though I’ll be aiming to surpass 50 reviews on /r/bourbon, and in the process go through most of my samples of American whiskey that have been building up.

So why not start with a high note? Yup, it’s time to review the tiny sample of Jim Beam Black that I own.

Try to contain your excitement for this rare Unicorn of the Bourbon world.

Jim Beam Black is the third up the ladder for the Jim Beam company. Aged for (insert 6 or 8 based on website) in new oak, this is the first step usually for people to start enjoying Bourbon by itself, and not just as something…

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