Corsair Rasputin / Corsair Triple Smoke

Corsair Distillery is an interesting outfit. And to continue on my American Whiskey kick, they’re next up on the chopping block.

First up, thanks to /u/tvraisedme for the sample of Corsair Rasputin, and /u/mentel42 for the Corsair Triple Smoke.

The story behind the distillery is one made out of every homemakers dream book (with ponies on it). Two guys try to make a bio-diesel plant, one mentions they would feel better if they made whiskey, so they did.

Well, they researched their butts off and probably had many a sleepless night mixed with a roaring hangover, however they ended up with an award winning distillery.

So through trades and generally people feeling sorry for me, I was able to swap for some samples. And once my buddy was able to split them with me, I finally got around to reviewing them.

And then making cocktails with…

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