High West Double Rye! (Peated Cask)

High West Double Rye! (Peated Cask) 1

Special thanks to /u/ScotChen for the sample of this Barrel Select dram. And the images of said dram.

High West. Just the name sounds cool. Like how acting schools used to be filled with actors practicing their quickdraw with fake pistols and fall down, leading most good actors to hang out on the roof away from the constant cowboy culling.

And we know that we love it here, because they couldn’t be more of an underdog. They’re independent. They are in Utah, where booze cries all the time. They try crazy shit and sell it and it tastes good. I mean, do I even have to mention Midwinter Nights Dram?

And then there’s Double Rye! It’s one of the crazy ones. A 16 year old rye mixed with a 2 year old rye? What, was someone watching the Exorcist and heard ‘rye’ instead of ‘priest’?

Joking aside, the mashbill…

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