Woodford Reserve Four Woods

Woodford Reserve Four Woods 1

Thanks again to /u/Devoz, who is probably sick of all the thanks I’ve given him for the massive swap we did.

On cold, wintery days such as this, where we’re getting snow advisories and for some reason I still brave the buses to get in, I long for the weather down South. Or along the Mediterranean. Or really anywhere that isn’t -14 C but feels like -23 C and has enough ‘light’ snow to block out the sun.

Well, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so the closest I’ll get to all of these things (and a little bit of Quebec) is Woodford Reserve Four Woods.

This bourbon starts out like Woodford Reserve, yet at a higher Abv. Thus it’s aged in new American Oak Barrels.

Then, following Dalmore’s “fuck it let’s do all the woods” method, they finish it in Port, Sherry, and Maple.

Just to clarify…

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