Abraham Bowman Quad Review [Gingerbread Beer Finish, Apple Cider Finish, Double Barrel, Port Finish]

Couple things to get out of the way.

First up: Yes, I know my glasses are cloudy. It’s not dirt, I am just really, really bad at polishing my glasses. Also the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of insanity in my life, and if I could tell you, the reader, about it, I would, however I can’t so I won’t.

The TOModera house is quite hectic, at the moment.

Second, thank you to /u/Randimosity for the chance to finally try out this distilleries’ offering. Seriously, this is one of the American Whiskies that I suspected would slip through the cracks.

Finally, (yeah, I know I said couple, sue me) this is my 50th whiskey review here on /r/bourbon, so I’ll be taking my full flag please.

Let’s get into it then.

A. Smith Bowman distillery is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Not exactly the typical place, it…

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