Green Spot / Yellow Spot

Special thanks to /u/Randimosity for the sample of Yellow Spot.

Just off my successful American tour of drams, I thought I’d dedicate part of the most Irish month of the year (February) to Whiskey from Ireland.

Wait, I’ve gotten March and February mixed up, haven’t I? Well fuck. Too late now, it’s Irish February, a bitterly cold month dedicated to the cheery, constantly maligned, and generally good chaps of Ireland.

And mostly their booze.

Anyway, I’ll be going over the only Stop Light name-related whiskies I know of: Green Spot and Yellow Spot.

And if they ever want to complete the full stop light, I’ll even do Red Spot. However until that happens, we’ve just got a double review.

This is actually a re-review of Green Spot. The first one was immediately downvoted to hell, so let’s see if that happens again.

2 - txtQ5SJ

Up first, Green Spot. This…

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