Tullibardine 500

Tullibardine 500 1

(Thanks to /u/usquebaugh_ for the dram)

Gather round, whisky swiggers and jiggers, for I have a story to tell. A simple story for two denari, of times before in the whisky network.

Scoff all you want good sir, but yes, there was a time when this network was smaller, without fools telling stories like a bard in order to spice up reviews.

During this dark time, we had quarterly requests, of which people would gather round and request others review specific whiskies. The requests cropped up, yet we were few, and they were many. Months went by, and the requests were given up, due to… well, no one being able to review that many rare whiskies.

However, the list lived on. Some say in our hearts. Others in each dram we review. Still others say in the hum of the glencairn glass when bumped..

I say more so in…

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