Greenore 8

Greenore 8 1

And back to the Irish marathon that everyone loves and hates, all at the same time. So grab a potato, sit back, and generally enjoy a distinct culture.


Up next, c/o Flaviar to me, is Greenore 8. This is 100% Single Grain whiskey, which was aged in ex-Bourbon casks. Produced by the Cooley distillery.

Also, in contrast to other Irish whiskies, this whiskey is made with Column stills rather than Pot Stills. It’s also made with Maize and Corn in just one distillery, thus the name Single Grain Whiskey.

Which confuses me, because I don’t usually consider Corn a grain. Granted, who am I to judge? Wait, that’s exactly what I’m doing… oh well, time to judge it.

Where’s my judge’s robe? I’m not really a judge, I just like wearing a moo-moo and black makes me look great.

Greenore 8 2

Price: $54.55 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Ireland


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