Knappogue Castle 1995

Knappogue Castle 1995 1

Continuing on with the highly popular, never doubted, and generally treated with respect Irish Whiskey min-binge!

So I ordered a bunch of Irish whiskies from Flaviar. They ship to Canada, so that leaves them as my only option. Also it’s not too bad compared to having to hunt it down at bars and restaurants.

So today we have Knappogue Castle 1995, or as I call it ‘The one I know I won’t pronounce correctly’.

This is distilled by Bushmills, starting in 1995 and then bottled in 2007 after spending time in ex-bourbon barrels. So it’s basically a Vintage version of the current Knappogue Castle 12. This is also the last Vintage release from those crazy Vagina makers at Bushmills (take some time with that joke), as now they only release the 12 year old, and stop going on about each vintage being different.

So, this is a Bushmills product…

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