Aberlour 16 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #9]

Aberlour 16 1

So I’m nervous. Nervous as heck. I’m about to meet a bunch of whisky nerds, who I’ve only met a few of, on a few occasions, and I’m going to drink with them.

What if they try to murderize me? Wait, that’s silly, the Internet is a safe place.

What if I don’t meet some odd belief everyone has in me? I mean, what if they think I’m amazing and I’m not? Wait, that’s silly, I just write dick jokes and self-deprecating jokes into whisky reviews, no one thinks highly of me.

What if I’m the only one to show up? Oh shit…

So I’m standing at the bar, looking for /u/muaddib99 or /u/slackerdude or /u/devoz or /u/Jolarbear, because at least I recognize them (turns out beards have been grown or shaved, so I don’t).

Nope, no one. Better order a dram and review it. Worst…

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