Clynelish 10 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #9]

Clynelish 10 year Old Malt Cask

So jump back to a week ago.

/u/muaddib99 is going after the lofty goal of inviting whisky nerds from /r/Scotch out to drink whisky, together. All of our social anxiety is maxed out. And he wants to do a group review.

Yeah, he’s crazy. And he pulls it off. We all end up at the Feathers Pub, and he and I have picked the dram. Why? Because. That’s the only reason I have.

And I’m worried. Because these are actual people. All of you reading this, or skimming it, or whatever? You’re just my mind making up new things. Or parts of the Matrix. But the people in front of me? They are people.

What if I chose wrong?

Oh well, screw it, we’re reviewing Clynelish 10 year Old Malt Cask. And if it sucks, we all know that now.

So, what can I tell you…

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