Highland Park 1994 Vintage

Highland Park 1994 Vintage 2

(Thanks to /u/ounknownto for the sample!)

Creativity is, by most definitions, the reason that humanity is no longer running through the plains as the tiniest morsels on multiple creatures buffet tables. Our ingenuity achievements has filled books and books, showing that the human mind needs to improve on designs.

Yet in our achievements, we suffer from the age old question of quality and quantity. As one increases, the other eventually decreases, leading to a lesser product overall. The balance of these two points is therefore on each innovator’s mind.

Highland Park is, as part of the human race (unless they are some sort of sentient Scotch making dolphins), as innovators. And some would point to their core beliefs as part of that: They use multiple processes to create a truly Scottish Scotch.

With the age collection, Highland Park decided to increase the quality through using ‘more expensive casks’. This…

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