Highland Park 2001 Vintage

Highland Park 2001 Vintage 1

(Thanks to /u/slackerdude for the sample)

Replacements are never smooth. Soap Operas go out of their way to announce when a new actor is playing a character on a show. That 70’s show even made a joke about the actress Laurie being replaced. I’m sure that at least a small amount of people here have had some pet replaced by parents, even if they know it or not.

Change is a frightening thing, even though it doesn’t have to be. Every movie star who started on soap operas was, at one point, announced to replace someone else. The new actress who played Laurie wasn’t insane to work with for the other actors. The new pet you all had wasn’t the same as the old one, but probably didn’t mall your face.

So when I read that the Highland Park 2001 Vintage was a replacement for the Highland Park 1998…

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