Compass Box Quintuple Review [Orangerie, Spice Tree, The Peat Monster, Flaming Heart, Great King Street Artist’s Blend)

01 - FZazdN5

(Special thanks to /u/slackerdude, /u/Jolarbear, and /u/ziggy1283 for the samples. You’re all very good people)

It’s that time of year people. The time when we’re all ready for it: The Blend-a-Thon! Yup, my completely unique.. wait, what? /u/tintin777 has been doing a blend-a-thon? Or a vatted-a-thon?

Well fuck. That’s what I get for waiting months to finally review blends. Or vats.

As an aside, to make everything easy, I’m going to call all of these blends. Are some of them not blends? Yes, you’re correct, in the technical sense they are not blends, or blended, or vatted, or hung upside down, or praised by a priest or bled on by an Irishman.

I’d prefer to not get hung up on terminology though, so I’m calling them blends. If you’d like a breakdown, /u/tintin777 recently did some reviews where he gets nerdy with the terms…

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