Dewar’s White Label [Current Vs. 1968]

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(Thanks to /u/Porkpants81 for the Secret Santa swap from 2013 on this one!)

Whisky changes. This is a constant in all of our understanding. Especially if it’s NAS or a blend. Sometimes it takes quite awhile, and sometimes it’s quick (see current complains of Oog going down in quality)

Why? Well for multiple reasons, all of which are money. Can make a whisky cheaper and people will still buy it? Done. Can’t grow a certain type of wheat anymore because land is too expensive? Done. Go Bankrupt? Done. Old founder dies and new owner thinks they can sell more for less? Bingo.

Can you tell I’ve been taking Economics courses?

Dewar’s started out in 1846 under the family name. By 1896 they were a global market leader, mostly due to hard work by one of the founder’s sons. They even expanded their product by constructing the Aberfeldy Distillery.


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