Dewar’s 18

Dewar's 18 1

(Thanks to /u/slackerdude for the swap!)

If you pretty a pig up in a dress, does it make the pig better, the dress worse, or you worse?

That’s the question I typically have with blends. I completely accept the idea of blends being a potential for a good whisky. I also accept that Scotch ‘blends’, ‘vats’, and ‘blended’ whisky typically isn’t sold to make it great. Yes, some companies are going against that trend, and it’s awesome, however a lot of times the blends we get that are in a fancy sundress aren’t that great.

Case in point, Dewar’s 18. I do wonder about multiple 18 year whiskies being blended and vatted (aged again) into a low level brand. Not that there isn’t a market for it: I just react to it the same way that a cow farmer may react to a leather BDSM suit: Not typically…

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