Auchentoshan American Oak

Auchentoshan American Oak 1

Alright, getting a little behind on my reviews.

But wait, what does that mean anyway? Does it mean that I wish I was posing more of these more often? Well, that’s true, yet it’s not like I’m going to melt if I don’t post them all at the right time. And given I’m doing this all on phones and tablets, it is a little more difficult.

Does it mean I should be flooding the subreddits? No, that’s not at all. So we’re in agreement: Do this when it’s easy again.

Glad we agreed. I like Lowlands. It’s my second favourite Scottish region, and I know that comes as a surprise to some people. However I’m a sucker for the cooky and crazy things that can come out of the Lowlands, what with the crazy finishes, the floral bouquets, and the grain whisky.

Up next in my Engle Land binge was

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