Bushmills 10

Bushmills 10 Year 2

And here I am, in the land of Engles, drinking my way through the country and reporting back. It’s a springtime bender vacation that is vastly overdue.

There’s some difficult parts to this year though: I’ve done many more reviews since last time, and as such, there’s less and less whiskies to review. Not to be deterred, my wife has set forth a challenge for me to review more this time than last time.

If I don’t survive, bury me with my samples.

Up first, I found a whiskey I’ve been wanting to try for quite awhile: Bushmills 10. This is the benchmark single malt from Bushmills, made from 100% malted barley and aged in ex-Bourbon barrels.

It’s odd to start with an Irish whiskey, however I’m still quite excited to try this. We stopped into the train station bar, known for odd whiskies of all sorts, and packed…

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