Chivas Brothers Linn House Reserve (2011 Release)

Chivas Brothers Linn House Reserve

Walking into bars is odd. Especially as a whisky geek. You don’t know if the selection is going to be okay or just kinda… meh. It could be a bar filled with all the current Diageo standards, so that’s okay.

I walked into this bar as part of wondering around, drinking around the town. And in it, they had a good selection of Glenfiddichs, and then that special find. The one that I don’t recognize. The diamond in the rough.

And at a Alpine themed bar, I found it: Chivas Brothers Linn House Reserve. A collection of at least 35 year old malt and grain whiskies that was originally served by the Brothers themselves to guests of the Linn House, a special guest manor house along the Linn river.

So… I’m a middle class Canadian who is on vacation and doesn’t have any clout. I count, right? Whatever, I…

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