Nikka from the Barrel [Re-Review]

Nikka from the Barrel 1

Community reviews are pretty amazing. I love being a part of them. That said, I don’t typically archive anything after the review. And thus, when a mystery dram is sent to me, sometimes it’s a repeat.

That’s where this review (and some others in the coming years) come from. Also the place didn’t have the other whiskies I asked for first. And I needed something with my traditional English breakfast.

So it’s time to re-review Nikka from the Barrel. I have to hand it to Nikka on this one. They decided to, in a fit of genius, give us a good whisky, that can be mixed, and is decent by itself. It’s almost as if they said “Highball whiskies are a thing, we’ll make one” and then screwed it up by making it flavourful.

None the less, let’s see how this one tastes this time.

Nikka from the Barrel 2

Price: N/A at the…

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