Bunnahabhain Signatory Vintage 1997

Bunnahabhain Signatory Vintage 1997

If you’ve ever been to the UK, then you know what true confusion is. Town names don’t sound anything like they are spelled. Trains are subject to changes based on ancient druidic timetables and perhaps Dagon himself. The cars drive on the opposite side of the road. Lamb is eventually mutton but not before it’s Hoget.

What I’m saying is I’m on an adventure. Also my wife has set a challenge for me to review more this time then last, as this only happens once every two years and I can grow a new liver on a mouse (probably).

Garrick’s Head is an interesting whisky bar in Bath. First up, it’s named for the head of the top Shakespearean actor of the early 1900s. So his headdid some things, which is good.

Second, it’s fancy and somewhat expensive. So I’m on my best behaviour, which is hard. So I have…

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