BR5 – Elements of Islay

BR5 - Elements of Islay 2

Final Dram at Salt Whisky bar. I’ve polished off enough naan to feed a small village. Twice. And cleaned my palate with enough water to water said village for a year.

Time for the last dram. And it’s a little bit of a rare find. BR5 – Elements of Islay is a special, independent bottling from Specialty Drinks Ltd. They only take what they want, it’s all only from Islay, there’s no chill filtering, no age statement, and it’s all cask strength.

They also sell T-shirts.

Looks like they’ve been reading our reviews. Time to send them some more.

Just kidding, they’ve just been reading Jim Murray’s erotica about Islay and decided to cash in. Good plan.

There’s an air of mystery to it, which I like. We’ve all had one or 12 of the limited special editions from Bruichladdich. Maybe another company can tease out yet another taste that…

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