Laphroaig SMWS 29.157 “Heidi’s Holiday to Islay”

Laphroaig SMWS 29.157 Heidi's Holiday to Islay 1

(Thanks again to /u/Scotch_Fanatic for these drams, I’m sure he has many nice things)

Islay’s. Just the word evokes peaty, beefy drams and amazing countryside. Originally I had planned to visit the island that helps make Confidence and Smoke, however the Canadian dollar pouched itself and I was left with less buying power.

Thanks Global Political issues that can’t be summed up or blamed on just one person.

So instead I’m going to live vicariously though Heidi with my next dram Laphroaig SMWS 29.157 “Heidi’s Holiday to Islay”.

This time I imagine a young woman, blonde, excited for a trip, flying over Scotland as she imagines all the peaty glory. Her dreams are interrupted by the plane lurching, a giant octopus grabbing at the plane, laughing as it’s eaten, the only survivor a plucky and determined woman who has dove out, knife in her teeth, frayed golden locks…

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