Old Pulteney 17

Old Pulteney 17 1

So I’m at Cadenheads, and then all my money evaporated.

But that’s a /r/whiskyporn post for another day.

After exiting the den of money disappearing, I ended up at Salt Whisky bar and Dining room.

No one really warned me what Salt was: Salt, it turns out, is a whisky bar, shisha terrace, club, and Indian restaurant.

Yeah, you read that all right. It’s a lot to take in. They also make an amazing fish and chips with turmeric as well.

None the less, the whisky list is extensive (over 250) and I couldn’t afford the Kurizawa 31 ($100 CAD a shot) so I went for something that has been hard to find, Old Pulteney 17.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the entry level Old Pulteney when I first tried it. The 12 just wasn’t my bag. And then I tried the 21, because…

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