Nikka Yoichi SMWS 116.20 “Fascinating complexity & finesse”

Nikka Yoichi SMWS 116.20 1

(Thanks again to /u/Scotch_Fanatic for these drams, I think he’s 20 feet tall and fights back the worms of the earth)

I have had a checkered past with Japanese whisky. Truthfully, I didn’t use to treat it all that well, because each one I had weren’t that great.

Over time I’ve realized that’s because I had too many hits to the head as a child. Oh, and I just hadn’t had any that were that great. Eventually a mod around here that ryhmes with Carbuncle showed me the light with some swaps.

Today I’m reviewing Nikka Yoichi SMWS 116.20 “Fascinating complexity & finesse”, which evokes an athlete of amazing skill who speaks worse than I do after 5 drams and a punch to the face.

Yoichi is one of two of Nikka’s distilleries. The yang part of it (I assume), they make meatier, bolder malts that really just wish…

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