Té Bheag

Té Bheag 1

So originally I assumed that I wasn’t going to have many Blends while here in the UK. Because I’m really quite bad at figuring life out just yet.

I left out a blend though. Té Bheag is a quality, very difficult to pronounce blend that I keep seeing yet never buy.

While in the UK (I’m back now, trying to catch up on reviews), our friends that we were staying with had a bottle. And as I’ve never reviewed it before, I stole some for a review.

Té Bheag is made on the Isle of Skye by an independent company. They don’t chill filter their whisky. The company also produces it from quality grain, water, etc. Which I’ve heard all before, however not chill filtering is new, so I’m interested.

Also, it’s pronounced Chey Vek. Like a lot of things in the UK, the letters don’t matter and the pronunciations…

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