Kilkerran Work in Progress 4

Kilkerran Work in Progress 4 1

I walk into this pub in Birmingham, and they don’t serve food. Other than Crisps. Called the Wellington.

I would have had at least 5 more reviews to post if the credit card machine wasn’t down. They had that much amazing whisky.

They had a really interesting whisky selection, all perfectly kept up by very well informed bartenders.

In the corner was a whisky I’ve never had the chance to try: Kilkerran Work in Progress 4. Kilkerran is the “newest oldest distillery in Campbeltown.”

We heck does that mean? Well they used to be open, and then they weren’t, and now, as of 2004, Springbank opened them back up. Glengyle distillery now has been producing whisky, yet it’s not ready yet. Thus the name.

This whisky is 8 years old. Released in 2012, I’m quite surprised to see it, sitting right beside the Work in Progress 5 Bourbonwood, which…

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