The Speyside 1996 18 (Malts of Scotland Highland Laird)

TS199618 1

So here’s something confusing for everyone:

In Scotland, there is a region called Speyside.

I know, I know, most of us know that. Give me a second.

So, there’s a region called Speyside. And in that region, there’s a distillery called The Speyside. And sometimes people make an independent bottling without a name, and call it by it’s region. If it’s a Speyside, it’ll be called Speyside.

So, to keep up: There’s a region called Speyside that may have Speysides coming out of it by Independent Bottlers who will call it a Speyside or they will bring out a Speyside called The Speyside.

Holy fuck it’s confusing. I’m trying one such whisky, The Speyside 1996 18 year, brought out by Malts of Scotland. And at first, I thought it was a blend. Or a the distillery didn’t want them to put their name on it. Also Malts of Scotland…

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