Ledaig 2005 8

Ledaig 2005 8 1

I’m so nice to Tobermory. Always so nice.

Alright, that’s a complete lie. I have not been nice to the distillery that makes our next whisky. I’ve been mean to them. A lot. Just ask some people.

However that didn’t stop me from wanting to try Ledaig 2005 8. Mostly because I’ve never had it.

Also because I’ve never tried it. And I want to. Because just because you don’t like one thing a distillery makes, doesn’t mean you’ll hate all of it (See my reviews of various Jura, Glenmorangie, Macallan, etc.).

So, I sat down and ordered this dram at the train station pub. Because it’s pretty cool to drink there. Like I’m a sad conductor or something. And I dove in. Let’s see how this peated version of my most maligned distillery measures up.

Ledaig 2005 8 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Island

Abv: 53.7%

Colour: Powdered Almond

Nose: BBQ…

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