Benromach 10

Benromach 10 1

If I’m 100% honest, I have moments of doubt. Doubt that my reviews get to anyone, doubt that I’m not just screaming into the vast abyss of conversations and 1s and 0s of the Internet. I doubt that I can write, I doubt my ability to taste some of these things, and I wonder if I should be spending more time studying than doing what I’m doing.

And then I realize I have a huge pressure headache, nothing else I love doing, and don’t really care if I get any recognition. Because this is fun. I drink whisky and write about it. That’s pretty cool.

Benromach 10 is the first Benromach I’ve been able to try. While visiting Cadenhead’s in London (aka the Game of Thrones of Whisky stores), I noticed a lot of OB Benromachs. And I wish I could afford the costs to bring some of them back.

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