Edradour 10

Edradour 10 1

So I already did the whole “Size of the Distillery’ silly speech, right? Shit, should have saved that one.

Maybe something about recommendations? No? Dammit.

How I don’t like Highland Whisky? Probably done that one too many times.

Damn, I’m hitting a few too many reviews at this point. I start running out of things to say. And then I go to the UK, start buying up samples, then realize I need to break old records, and then go on a bender.

Wait, none of that needed to be done. I just made myself. There’s no one to blame but me!

Alright, alright. I’m reviewing Edradour 10 today, because I need to try more Edradour. And where else should I start but with the base spirit that they bring out. Because you need to know where people come from to see where they are going.

Not really actually. I can…

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