Grant’s Family Reserve

Grant's Family Reserve

When I’m on vacation I like to do more reviews than I normally could. And who wouldn’t? We’re whisky nerds. It’s what we like to do.

I personally like writing. That’s why I write all these reviews. They are fun for me. And the whisky is tasty as well.

Thus why I didn’t notice that I was coming super close to my 300th review. And then surpassed it. By a lot.

Last time I did this many reviews in the UK, I ended up passing my 100th review, and saving a special dram that had been requested for it. I also got so excited that I ended up going full Artiste on the review and then there was a major discussion started about it.

I avoided that for my 200th, which I was quite happy about. I ended up doing a fan Favourite of Laphroaig.

So what did I do…

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