Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry

Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry 1

Well I was told that I finally reviewed Jim Beam Black correctly, so why not continue with some other drams from Jim Beam, now that I have allowance to do so.

Oh, look at that: Jim Beam has put their name on a new product. And it’s flavoured.

Here’s my thing about Flavoured Whiskey reviews: I get it. They probably won’t ever taste as good or close to as good as Whiskey. And how can we compare something with flavouring versus something without? And aren’t these meant to just be served mixed with something?

Ok, so let’s just break some of my Strawmen down for the Wizard, shall we? I’ll answer any other questions below, I’m just using this to address some questions I’ve had in the past.

First up, yes, I am comparing it to other whisky. And the reason is that I still review Highball Whiskies from…

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