Ben Nevis 10 (cask 334) White Port Pipe Matured

Ben Nevis 10 year old (cask 334) White Port Pipe Matured 1

I think at this point, rather than celebrating my overall numbers hitting a particularly high amount with many zeros, I may start trying to review something interesting when the specific regions hit a high amount.

Granted that could become extremely hard, so let’s just assume I did that for this recent 50th Highland Whisky review. Nothing to see here, just a smart reviewer who didn’t bungle his way to this point, move along.

I am a fan of odd casks used in whisky. Always have been, and always will be. The idea that whisky should stick to the Sherry and Bourbon casks it uses is silly, because it misses out on all the interesting spirits out there that could impart new and interesting flavours.

Port is a recent hit around here, what with Laphroaig and High West doing majestic as fuck whiskies with it.

And that’s why I bought a…

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