Orbis Aged World Whiskey

Orbis Aged World Whiskey 1

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m cross-posting this review across all three of the review subreddits. And why? Because it belongs in each one.

Orbis Aged World Whiskey is a blend of Canadian, US, Irish, Scottish, and Japanese whiskies. It’s so insane, it may just work.

Or simultaneously piss off 5 countries at once. And at least 3 of those are pretty rough when they are angry about their booze. The other two will just snub you and keep our tasty food to ourselves.

This is the first release from the St. James Distillery. This is the first World Blend whisky that has been launched, mixing different whiskies from around the world, some of which were reported as being 15 or 16 years old.

Okay, I get it. Sounds like a gimmick. And there’s not much about St. James or any of the whiskies that went into this, other than the…

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