Noah’s Mill

Noah's Mill

Hi /r/bourbon! I haven’t posted to you for a few days.

Or a week. It’s hard to tell, what with a crazy weekend filled with a Kids in the Hall performance, an exam, a fever, and a delayed Easter dinner. What year is it?

Or what with still catching up on the last of my whiskey posts.

Anyway, I walk into this nice little pub in Leicester. Not now, before. Keep up.

So anyway, I walk in, and what do I see on the shelf? A whole bunch of brandy and rum.

Turns out the whiskey was on another shelf.

Anyway, I eventually see (because I have shit eyes (not actual shit)) Noah’s Mill, which I didn’t expect having to cross the Atlantic to find.

Granted they also had some other things, but that’s for another post.

Noah’s Mill whiskey is a small batch bourbon containing whiskies that…

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