Four Roses Small Batch 2014

Four Roses Small Batch 1

I was at a second bar when I tried this. And I had some food, more water, and more time. Also a walk to clear my head.

I think I’m okay to do more reviews. Gotta break my record.

Four Roses Small Batch, just by itself. Not a limited edition, not anything like that. It’s the 2014 one. This is a blend of four (count them: 4) different recipes, all mixed together and then bottled by angels.

Which four? I don’t really know. At all. I’m assuming they are all different yeasts (there are 5 years) and they use the two different mashbills two times. That’s my guess. Am I to be 100% trusted? Probably not. I’m just guessing. If you know, comment below. You’ll get imaginary internet points. At least 1 from me.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try this whiskey. It sounds fun. And it doesn’t cost…

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