Hakushu 12

Hakushu 12

Oh, am I late for the community review? Of course. I take half a month to drink my fanny off (that means vagina in the UK) and I miss the main event. As usual.

Wa-wa (imagine that as a sad sound effect).

I apologize I didn’t walk into this bar a few weeks earlier and could have added all the genitalia jokes mixed with historical commentary on the war of the roses to the community review (I am actually feeling pretty bad about missing it).

I’m still in the same bar as my two reviews on /r/bourbon. I’m also running out of pounds to buy whisky.

None the less, I will review this Japanese whisky, if not for you all, but for my idiom. Because this is one of the last whiskies I reviewed on vacation, due to Iceland being closed on Sunday (seriously, the whole country).

Hakushu 12

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