Bowmore Devil’s Cask Batch 1

Bowmore Devil's Cask 1

And I’ve finally caught up. I even had enough time before I became sick to crack open a sample from the amazing wunderkind /u/devoz! Thanks man!

I had bought a bottle of Bowmore Devil’s Cask a few months ago. Had a lot of trouble deciding whether or not I should buy it.

First up: I’ve never had it. It could be amazing. It could be shite. Some people like it. Some people like punching themselves in the dick.

Second up: It’s rare. Or at least, the secondary market has drove up the price enough that I can’t possible try it, because why would anyone ever open a bottle? It’s their ticket to riches! So should I wait? No, it’ll sell out at the LCBO. Buy maybe?

And finally: I’m not the biggest fan of Bowmore. At that point, I hadn’t tried anything outside of the main three. Which aren’t…

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