Sazerac Rye 6

Sazerac 6

Thanks to /u/Devoz for being my main hook-up for all things Bourbon, yet again.

So I’m going to say something as a Canadian that may sound whiney. And it is.

But you American’s don’t get how lucky you really are.

Don’t sputter, wait for it.

Sure, we have all these nice things like beavers, universal healthcare, French women who don’t age, and lower crime rates. However you have the Bourbon Industry.

Just think about that: You have a government that wanted a quality product. And pushed for regulations for years to ensure that it did. You have designations for whiskey, requirements, and even regional differences.

What do we have? Well the same thing for wine, but this isn’t /r/wine , so let’s ignore that. We have taxes based on high alcohol content and alcohol monopolies (save for Alberta).

So be happy you are lucky (in this way). Because…

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