Auchentoshan 18

Auchentoshan 18 1

I like Lowland whisky. Quite a bit actually. I’d go so far as to say it’s in the top three regions.

Granted that’s not based on my scores, and there’s so few Lowlands, so it could come out differently in the wash.

What I will say is this: When I drink a Lowland, I know what I’m having, I’m enjoying it, and, if I’m lucky, it’ll be weird as heck (single grain) and strong (cask strength).

This sample comes from me. Way in the past. From two trips to Scotland ago. Which is quite the time. It’s not single grain or cask strength, unfortunately, however I’ve been looking forward to trying it for awhile. It’s Auchentoshan 18.

This dram was 100% aged in ex-Bourbon American oak. It was also launched recently… ish. Well, depends: Do you think of 2008 as recently? I thought that way for a second and…

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