Kornog Taouarc’h Seizved 14 BC

Kornog Taouarc’h Seizved 14 BC 1

Having trouble with the name? Trust me, so am I, and I’m bilingual.

When we hear French and Whisky, most of us don’t rush out to try it. We typically think of Scotland. Or Ireland. Or the US. Or Canada, if we’re being generous. Or India, Australia, or Japan, if we’re whisky nerds.

But not France. However half of France did take over England a thousand years ago (ish). And with them they brought and traded secrets and ideas. So why is it so crazy?

Probably, like their wine, they are keeping the good stuff. And who wouldn’t? Or maybe it’s because there’s only a few distilleries. Like Glann ar Mor, in Breton.

Just to say this up front: I know the people of Breton think of themselves separate from France. Unfortunately I try to follow old style map borders that no longer matter. Sorry. You can say I’m part…

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