Bunnahabhain 1978 Signatory Cask Strength

Bunnahabhain 1978 Signatory Cask Strength 1

Thanks to /u/Jolarbear for this sample.

When we, as a group, think of Islay whiskies, we think of smokey, beefy messes that muss up the hair of our friends and scream “manly burning things.” However that’s not always the case.

At one time there were two distilleries that made spirits on Islay that one would not call “giant heaps of fire.” No, Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain were known for different malts, with only a little bit of smoke.

Since then the Octomore range has become a thing, so lumping Bruichladdich into that pile seems a tad off. It is the peatiest malt at the moment.

So that leaves us with Bunnahabhain, that does still use peat, however in very small amounts (save for some special drams where it is increased just for those drams).

So that makes it interesting. A dram, from Islay, where the distillery is only open starting in…

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