Bunnahabhain 24 1988 (Berry Bothers & Rudd)

Bunnahabhain 24 1988 (Berry Bothers & Rudd) 1

Thanks to /u/LetThereBeR0ck for this dram from our last swap (not the most recent one).

I’m on a little bit of a kick. And not really a kick, per say, more so I did two IB drams from the same distillery in a row. So what is that? A mid-life crisis? Jeez, had hoped I’d live past 64, but oh well, let’s go with that.

I’ve been doing a few more drams per week than normal lately. Mostly because I have a bunch of free time at the moment, and am trying to fill my time with writing. Though I should be working on my manuscript. And doing other important-ish stuff. Oh well. This is what I feel like.

Berry Brothers & Rudd are a wine merchant that decided, since they were in the UK, they should do whisky as well. Actually that’s super wrong. They were suppliers to the…

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