Benrinnes Mega-Review [11 Signatory 1997, 14 Hart Brothers, 14 Lady of the Glen, 14 1998 A.D. Rattray, 15 Flora & Fauna, 15 Darkness! Oloroso, 15 Darkness! PX, 17 Signatory 1997, 17 S.M.W.S. 36.82, 18 The Ultimate 1995]


Today I’m reviewing 10 different offerings from multiple sources of Benrinnes. Some of you may ask “Why? Why would you let the cat out of the bag?”

Well, first up, Benrinnes is an interesting Speyside distillery. They triple distill, they have been mothballed twice, and they were known for being used in blends. Also they are owned by Diageo, yet haven’t been universally panned by the Scotch community.

Also they are about to become double distilled instead of third, so it’s a good idea to review the old before the new comes in.

Yet my real reason is thus: I was out at a whisky tasting a few months ago, and someone ordered a Benrinnes. Why? Because they assumed that, based on reviews by /u/texacer and others, that Benrinnes wasn’t that great. Because Sarcasm doesn’t always land across writing as a medium.

So I’m reviewing them, without sarcasm, for…

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