Bowmore Legend

Bowmore Legend 1

Thanks to /r/LetThereBeR0ck for this sample.

So as I slowly drag myself (oh poor me) towards the 500 mark, I felt like… a legend.

And what better than something named Bowmore Legend.

Wait… just about anything would be better, I’m not a fan of Bowmore.

Well, that’s not true. So far I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the NAS named Bowmore whiskies that have been offered. And one shouldn’t judge an entire distillery’s offerings by the 3 whiskies that they bring out as their standards. Special occasion ones can do that.

That all said, Bowmore Legend is a NAS first offering for the Bowmore line. The bottom of the ex-bourbon barrel, one would assume, however I’m not going to take that cynical route. I’ve had some good luck with Bowmore before, so maybe I will again.

And if I don’t? There’s always Small Batch. or maybe even the…

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