Dallas Dhu 20 Signatory Vintage 1974

Dallas Dhu 20 Signatory Vintage 1974

So… this is my 500th whisky review.

That includes World Whisky, Bourbon/American Whiskey, and Scotch. And I’ve just hit 500.

Damn I’m old.

Well, not old. Possibly inebriated. Might have overdone it.

I mean… let’s look back. I’m the schmuck who started with a review of a Indian Blended Whisky, Desert Queen. On /r/scotch (before /r/worldwhisky was alive and well). No jokes, no explanation, just tasting notes and (what I thought) was a fair 72 for a decent sipping whisky.

Then I couldn’t be stopped. I actually paid Ontario prices for Springbank 10 to be a part of the community review. Then I started going through all the half-thought purchases of whisky I had, picking different ones.

And why did I start? Oh, because someone was nice enough to have a contest in which they sent out samples of Balvenie 30. Yes, you fucking read that right: A complete…

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One thought on “Dallas Dhu 20 Signatory Vintage 1974

  1. From the TOModera blog.
    I have a bottle :). purchased in Southern Ontario in 1995/96, cannot recall exactly. I was a dumb kid but a dumb kid whose father appreciated the good stuff and passed that along. I had just accidently (not even kidding) won $4,000 on a $6 bet on a horse race and I walked into the LCBO and bought the most expensive bottle they had, I believe it was $800 at the time. All these years later, I still have it…
    If someone is passionate about it wanting this bottle, contact me.


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